HMS Johnlock

As a ghost of a smile graced Holmes’s lips, my gaze rose to meet his and I felt the passion within me soar.


I was thinking about the movie Frank, and then this sort of just happened.


You’re not really getting the hang of this game, are you, Sherlock?



cries for the rest of my life

Sometimes I think he understood the character better than the writers did.






Benedict Cumberbatch - black Bic stick pen on Strathmore Bristol 400 paper. dear god this one ended up big. work time about 13 hours. please open in a new tab for better quality. [my art tag]


Benedict Cumberbatch - black Bic stick pen on Strathmore Bristol 400 paper. dear god this one ended up big. work time about 13 hours. please open in a new tab for better quality. [my art tag]




Martin’s just sitting there taking it,And Benedict’s looking and grinning like an idiot 

this could so easily be from ” Performance in a Leading Role ”  by mad_lori               ( )




Martin’s just sitting there taking it,
And Benedict’s looking and grinning like an idiot 

this could so easily be from ” Performance in a Leading Role ”  by mad_lori               ( )


“Mr Holmes, sir? I hope you don’t mind me stopping by… Only you said if we knew anything about Captain -erm- Doctor Watson’s disappearance…”

Sherlock ripped the small envelope from the young, former-military man’s calloused hand. He had no time, now. No time for small talk. He needed data, leads, anything as quickly as possible.

Why had he assumed John would wait patiently for nearly three years? Why had he trusted Mycroft to keep track of the one thing more important than Sherlock’s life? And how in the hell did Mycroft and the entire British Government manage to lose him?

Inside the envelope was a photograph of John in military garb, his hair shaven quite close, his eyes determined but somehow… haunted.

“How long ago?” Sherlock barked, never taking his eyes off the photo.

“Ah, three months now, I think. Mate of mine got some top-secret assignment, took a photo on his phone ‘cos he knew I’d been in the Sand with Captain Watson. Thought I’d like it for old time’s sake. For…”

Sherlock’s eyes left the photo for three seconds, scanned the young man, and then returned to the picture.  ”Sentiment. You had a very strong romantic crush on John Watson, probably a combination of hero-worship and father-figure issues related to your early life. One night, spurred on by lust and drink, you made the incredibly unwise decision to bare your soul -and your muscular torso, I imagine- to the good Captain, but instead of accepting your offer or reporting you for misconduct -propositioning a superior officer- he was kind to you. He never made you feel uncomfortable about it. Said he was flattered, then moved on as though nothing had happened.”

The young man swallowed hard. “Did Capt— did he tell you that?”

“Of course not. It’s obvious. Now. You said secret. This is obviously not the desert. Where, then? Where was this taken?”

“I’m not allowed, Mr. Holmes, it’s classified, y’know, and I shouldn’t have come here—”

Sherlock took the young man by his shirt and pulled him up an inch off of the ground before slamming him into the nearest wall.


“B-Baskerville, s-sir,” he stammered, wide-eyed.

Sherlock let go, and the young man’s body fell abruptly to the floor.

“Get out. Leave the photo.”

He didn’t pay attention to the scuffling sound of boots as his guest scrambled to stand, hurry out the door and rush down the stairs.  Long, shaky fingers were already sending a text.

      -You will discharge him immediately. I’ll arrive Baskerville by nightfall. Have him waiting near the front gate. -SH

     -He was ready to die. I merely convinced him to make his death mean something. He volunteered for every experiment dangerous enough to have possibly fatal outcomes. -MH

     -Front gate before nightfall. -SH

     -Sorry, Brother. It’s too late for that. -M

Sherlock felt a wave of pain and nausea sweep through his body. He slumped against the wall.

Somehow, he was able to keep a tight grip on his phone.

He was even able to send one more text.

     -When? -S

     -You need to sit down. Please. -M


     -Answer your phone, Sherlock. -M


     -Answer it. -M


      -Answer it now. You may not get a second chance -M

Sherlock pressed the accept call key and lifted the phone to his ear.

“Tell me. I need to know what happened. All of it,” he whispered. 

“I could say the same to you,” the voice on the other end of the line answered.

It wasn’t Mycroft’s voice.

It wasn’t any voice he might have expected in that moment.

“John…” Sherlock breathed.

     -Turn around, Sherlock. -M

Sherlock turned around to face the door.

This time, he DID drop his phone.



For Samanta (watsonsdick) on her birthday. Photo reposted with her permission.


I’ve been thinking about opening requests for gif/gifsets

Would any of you guys be interested in that?



i’m sorry but what is the point of releasing this as a promotional stillimage

if not to show you before you even watch the episode that both these men do not find the wedding they are attending ideal?

Seriously, what the hell was/is the point of this particular image? It didn’t show up via a scene in the episode (not that I can recall), so what gives, WHAT IS THE POINT OF THESE GLUMMISH FACES AS A PROMO PICTURE AJFVkAFSJhjkGK



Wow… Look at his amazing legs…



So I’ve been rewatching the entire series while taking note of John’s hand tremors and then I came to this scene


We can see his right hand clenching in reaction to Sherlock’s offer for a handshake. But the thing is, that’s not the tremor hand. That’s not the hand that would start to shake whenever he’s feeling weak, helpless, vulnerable. The tremor always happens in his left hand, as Mycroft would confirm:


I do love the right-hand clench. It’s an understandable reaction; that hand is going to touch his beloved’s for possibly the last time in his life. But it’s not what I’ve specifically been looking out for. I’m looking for the hand that trembles when he’s reminded of how much war had changed him,


the hand that trembles as he’s begging for his best friend to not be dead,


and the hand that trembles when he has to confront the lies of the woman he’d made his wife.


It’s a shame we can’t see his left hand when Sherlock offers that final handshake. Like if it starts acting up and is shaking like crazy we wouldn’t know because it’s hidden from vie-OH WAIT NEVERMIND I DID SEE IT


Conclusions: Martin Freeman’s acting is fucking ridiculous, and the tarmac scene can go straight to hell

anigrrrl2 senpaipleaselookatthisthingImadeIpromiseyou’lllikeit


Ready for Halloween


Ready for Halloween




God John. You’re so unreasonably jealous about everyone. Keep your shit together.


People John has been demonstrably jealous of so far:

Jim from IT
Moriarty (yes, separate listings!)

John even gets tetchy about the fact that Sherlock said Mary’s name when he first revived in the hospital. Just. Kiss. Him.

People John is not demonstrably jealous of:

David, the man his wife dated for two years and invited to their wedding